Honey Amber Rose
Handcrafted Ale Brewed with Honey and Rose Hips

Beer Diva Brewing, as an entity, came into being in 2011 with a mission to explore and revive ancient recipes and develop those boutique brands for the connoisseur of handcrafted brews.

The very first undertaking of the brewing company was to create a low alcohol, low carbohydrate, and low IBU session beer that still had a great flavor.  Using a State-of-the-Art brewing system, their hard work, research and testing was rewarded with a brew that would appeal to “session drinkers” and ale lovers alike. Honey Amber Rose Ale passed the test with flying colors and became their first acquisition.

Honey Amber Rose is brewed with Rose Hips and Locally Grown Clover Honey and features NO Preservatives, Low Carbohydrates, and a Low Alcohol content. This beer is made using an amazing award winning European recipe that’s almost 200 years old! Honey Amber Rose is formulated using a  special brewing process that makes it the perfect session ale at 4.5% ABV and 15 IBUs.

Honey Amber Rose Ale makes a great session beer for the discriminating drinker who’s looking for great drinkability and something  unique and completely different from the average session ale.

Honey Amber Rose Ale is currently brewed in Ukiah, in the beautiful deep green valley where the Mayacamas and Mendocino Mountain Ranges converge at the heart of Mendocino County, California.

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Honey Amber Rose is a Session Ale Like No Other!

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