Honey Amber Rose
Handcrafted Ale Brewed with Honey and Rose Hips

Honey Amber Rose Ale

Here’s what others are saying about Honey Amber Rose

“It’s unusual, charming and quite drinkable…nicely done”

“Lightly Carbonated, good flavor throughout, and decent balance make this beer worth a try”

“...floral characteristics, sweet honey and the acidity blend to make this an easy sipping brew.”

“The flavor is complex and enticing. Very interesting and refreshing”

“Taste is wonderful - honey, rose, and malt flavors. Gets better as it warms up.”

“...This beer is earthy with some fruity hints, touches of honey and a hint of rose hips.”

What Makes Honey Amber Rose Ale Special ?

Honey Amber Rose is brewed with Rose Hips and Locally Grown Clover Honey and features NO Preservatives, Low Carbohydrates, and a Low Alcohol content. This beer is made using an amazing award winning recipe that’s almost 200 years old! Honey Amber Rose is formulated using a very special brewing process that makes it a perfect session ale at only 4.5% ABV and a low 15 IBU.

After winning Back-to-Back Silver Medals in the Florida State Beer Championships, Beer Diva Brewing Company decided to acquire this brand and take it to the next level in both production and distribution. So that’s what we did. Since then, the following of fans drinking and raving about Honey Amber Rose is growing by leaps and bounds every day!

Beer Diva Brewing Launches a Session Ale Like No Other!