Honey Amber Rose
Handcrafted Ale Brewed with Honey and Rose Hips

Honey Amber Rose -  This beer is seductive in appearance, captivating in aroma, and hypnotic in flavor. While being low in calories/carbs, it is high in sophistication.

Honey Amber Rose is a light beer with 4,5% ABV. Brewed with a blend of Premium Specialty Malts, Clover Honey, Rose Hips, it is mildly hopped with Hallertau, Tettnang and Czech Saaz hops to a low 15 IBU. This delightful beer is derived from a vintage European recipe of the 1830’s and has a semi-dry finish with a very clean after taste.

Honey Amber Rose, with its aura of refined elegance, is a well balanced, flavorful beer that serves great as a session beer.

Honey Amber Rose Ale

Brewed and Bottled by Beer Diva Brewing Company in Ukiah, CA